Stainless steel 6 way fully automatic heat treatment console


Standard Features are: 75 KVA/60 kw (3 phase/100% duty cycle) isolated copper wound power transformer: Primary Voltage: 380/415/440/480/575, 60 Hz Secondary Voltage 65/85 with thermal trips per phase to prevent overload. 50 Hz Available upon request. Six automatic HONEYWELL individual digital temperature controllers (PART#: DC2500-E0-0B00-200-00000-00-0) Digital amp meter (0-200 amps) with six-channel selector switch and six current transformers which is the utmost importance for checking the current to the ceramic pad heater to make sure they are all operating. Stainless steel cabinet with swivel wheels (900 lb capacity each with brake) and two lifting lugs. **Wheels or SS mounting brackets available upon request. One 420 CFM cooling fan which keeps all instrumentation and transformer cool. One 110 volt auxiliary plug. 100 amp - 3 phase circuit breaker with 120 volt uv release. Six 200 amp ALBRIGHT contactors. Six 110 volt neons and six two way on off on switches. Instrument wiring tinned copper to prevent corrosion and down time NOTE: An internal 12 Channel Chino Digital Recorder (Simultaneous Display/12 Channels/°C or °F) 180mm/7" Chart (model AH3725-N00) can be added upon request

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