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Corporate biography

  • Pre heat and post weld treatment specialists
  • Two-acre site with shop/offices/warehouse facilities at 30 Estates Rd in Dartmouth, NS (Woodside Industrial Park, adjacent to Woodside Ship Terminal
  • One 6' L x *' W x 5' H gas furnace, one 52' L x 15' W x 17' H gas furnace,
    49' L x 37" W x 36" H electric furnace, mobile 6 wayheat treatment consoles, mobile 125 KW generator
  • Three-acre facility located 5 minitues from the Goldboro Gas Plant
  • Maritime Stress works to the excacting standards of ASME, ANSI, DNV, Lloyds, CSA...
  • Manufacturer of heat treatment equipment serving customers worldwide
  • Over 24 years experience serving the high-tech metals fabrication sector
  • Specialists in treating exotic alloys by controlled heating and cooling to meet required specifications.
  • Extensive experience in the offshore petroleum sector
  • Located on Canada'a finest East Coast harbour, near Hibernia and Sable Island developments.
  • Provider of technical services for various companies throughout the world.
  • Maritime Stress carries the largest inventory of heat treatment equipment of any company east of Toronto.

Corporate biography

From its inception in 1980 Maritime Stress Contracting Limited was immediatly involved in the offshore, pulp -and-paper, generating stations, heavy water and petrochemical industries.

The company was involved early in work on the heavy-water plants at Point Tupper and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and remained involved for a number of years. Work at these sites was to Nuclear Codes.

For a number of years, the company served as the prime contractor to the Imperial Oil Refinery in Dartmouth, NS, and carried out two of the largest shutdows at the plant.

When drilling began off the East Coast in the early 80's, the company moved quickly to develop expertise in the offshore sector, and completed 1000 drill casings (2000 welds) for Shell Oil contractor Stangate. Welds were Vetco 4130 connectors welded to X-52 casings. Sizes were 18-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch. All stress relieving was completed eight hours after the last weld was made.

The company has had extensive involvement in drill rig modification and maintenance. Rigs included the Bow Drill 1, 2, and 3, Zapata Scotian, Sedco 706 and 709, John Shaw, Rowan Juneau and Labrador 1. Maritime Stress also carried out post-weld treatment on the Panuke J-89 pruduction platform.

Maritime Stress carried out all post-weld heat treatments on fabrications by M&M Fabricators for the gravity-based production platform for the Hibernia oil field.

Post Weld Heat Treatment services for Mulgrave Machine Works for RGIII riser lines
Pre-heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment services for Nova Scotia Power (all locations through out Nova Scotia)

Safety and Quality

Maritime Stress practices total quality management techniques while working with its clients, as a team to ensure a quality product. Our goal is to provide a high quality heat treatment services to our clients and serve them in a cooperative and professional manner.

Member of Nova Scotia Construction Assoc.
MEmber of Otans and BIDS


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